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How To Apply ?

You must be employed at one of our Listed Employers

If you have been permanently employed for at least 4 months you are eligible to apply.

I'm employed so I simply follow these steps

  • Get an application form from your Payroll / HR Department
  • Make sure the form is completed in full
  • Attach a copy of your payslip and ID document
  • Double check your ID Number and Bank Account details
  • Sign the form in the space provided (applicant)
  • Give the form back to your Payroll / HR Department
  • Your Payroll / HR Manager will sign the form after checking that everything has been completed correctly (company)
  • Your Payroll / HR Manager will then fax or email the application form to Vecto Finance
  • Vecto Finance will do a credit risk and affordability assessment and if satisfactory will process the loan and deposit the money into your bank account within 24 hours of us receiving your application
  • The instalment will be deducted from your salary via the payroll and this amount will be paid over to Vecto Finance

Illustrative Payment Schedules

Kindly note that our repayment schedules are for illustrative purposes only as we charge interest on daily balance capitalised at month end as per the National Credit Act. The amounts shown on the repayment tables will vary depending on when payments are received. If payments are made sooner then required, less interest will be charged.

Download our  Standard Repayment Tables (for 6, 12 and 18 month loans) or our One Month Repayment Tables for our month end loans.

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