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Vecto follows a simple and easily understandable strategy by providing only what people need.

Elsewhere you may find:

o Compulsory add-ons to credit products that add no value, but increases costs.
o Having to move your primary bank account to qualify for credit.
o No quotes or transparent pricing thereby preventing cost comparison for the best deal.
o Inaccurate interest and fee calculations that are always in the favor of the credit provider.

If you are formally employed you can apply for a Vecto loan

Simple as that.
Our unsecured short term loans are exactly that:

o We publish our rates and fees in an easily understandable format. Clients know exactly what they are in for.
o We do an affordability calculation on behalf of applicants to ensure that they are borrowing (and we are lending) responsibly.
o ALL our practices and pricing comply FULLY with the National Credit Act.
o We offer third party payments

Employers also benefit through participation in that:

o Their staff is not exploited and gets a fair deal.
o They are fully informed of debt and repayment commitments of their staff
o No need for staff loans with the concomitant problems.
o The offering of a formal employee benefit is good for staff relations.
o In qualifying situations we will settle garnishee orders thereby getting people out of their debt traps and removing the administrative burden for the payroll office.

Simply sign up:

o The employer signs up through a simple undertaking of deducting repayments from salaries and wages and paying these over to Vecto on a regular basis. NO financial risk to the employer.
o Staff is briefed properly on the workings of the employee benefit that they now qualify for. New loan applications are short and sweet and forwarded through the pay office. Payout to any bank within 24 hours of loan approval.
o The employer receives a detailed monthly remittance timeously that specifies the loan deduction from each staff member, as well as outstanding balances etc.

We serve many happy employers and their loyal staff.  Join us today!

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